Help Me Learn to Love Artichokes!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Artichokes, man. I really want to like them. And I do…mostly. I just didn’t grow up with artichokes and so never developed a taste for them — either the big globes that are in season right now or the trimmed hearts that can be found in the freezer or canned food sections. So help me out: what are your most beloved dishes with artichokes?

I have friends who wax rhapsodic about steaming artichokes, tugging off the leaves, and dipping them in butter or mayo for the simplest of spring dinners. This sounds pretty amazing to me and is an experience that is long overdue.

I also love the ease of jarred or frozen artichoke hearts. It’s so nice to be able to pull them out for a quick weeknight frittata or even a fancy dish with linguini and cream. 

Fresh, jarred, or frozen, artichokes are natural companions to ingredients like cream, lemon, olives, and capers — all the Mediterranean usual suspects. Artichokes are often substantial enough to stand on their own in purely vegetarian dishes, but pairing them with simple grilled fish or pan-seared chicken breasts is never a bad idea.

I know all these wonderful things and yet… I leave the artichokes at the market and still have the same bag stuffed in the back of the freezer. Help! 

Please share your favorite dish with artichokes!

Artichokes on The Kitchn