Help Me Find Substantial, Inexpensive Whiskey Glasses

published Jun 29, 2011
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Q: After moving last year, I lost my dishwasher and started using my own two hands — a task that is clearly not my strength, as I have broken most of the glassware in my cupboards.

I am a serious whiskey drinker, always neat, and am looking for relatively inexpensive ($5/glass) and very substantial glasses to sip whiskey out of. Any suggestions?

Sent by Danielle

Editor: Danielle, if you want truly resilient glassware, look for tempered glass — like the famous Picardie tumblers by Duralex. You can find them many places; Crate & Barrel has them for about $2.50 apiece. My husband and I sip Scotch out of these glasses, and it works nicely.

Picardie Juice Glass, $2.50 at Crate & Barrel (available in a larger size for $3.50)

If, however, you want a glass designed more specifically for whiskey, then you may want a snifter. These may not be quite as durable, but many whiskey drinkers like sipping from a small, tulip-shaped glass.

Readers, any recommendations or good ideas for Danielle?

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