Help Me Find Some Healthy, Satisfying Vegetarian Recipes

(Image credit: Joanna Miller)

Q: I’ve always been a healthy eater, but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about reducing my meat intake. I currently try to eat a few of my lunch or evening meals meatless but would like to increase that.

In the past I’ve had trouble coming up with meals that leave me feeling satisfied and full without meat but your recent chili recipe was amazing. I was hoping you had more more recipes or resources to help me find more of the same.

Sent by Jamie

Editor: Jamie, that is indeed a yummy chili! there are a lot of great recipes here on the site for vegetarian meals. Here’s a link to the archive. Also check out the vegetarian category of our Quick Weeknight Meals contest from last fall!

We think you should especially focus on recipes with beans and legumes, which are often very hearty and satisfying.

Readers, do you have some especially wonderful recipes to recommend to Jamie?

(Image: Joanna Miller)