Help Me Find Healthy, Balanced Meals That Freeze Well?

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Q:  I’ve got a great boyfriend who works 12-hour days. When he works, there’s little desire to come home and make dinner. He will, however, microwave food and go as far as boil water for pasta. I want to make him some easy to heat dinners but find that there’s not a ton of recipes that are written with a cryogenic future in mind. Could you supply me with a few ready to freeze, healthy and balanced meal ideas that go beyond lasagna?

Sent by Leigh

Editor: Leigh, if your boyfriend is up for boiling pasta, how about a good meaty pasta sauce that is frozen in individual containers? He can defrost and warm up the pasta sauce while the pasta is cooking.

Another we love to freeze is pulled pork or chicken. You can just put a pork butt in the slow cooker all day with some barbecue sauce, then shred it and freeze in individual portions. Eat it over rice with some canned beans and salsa!

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Readers, any help for Leigh?

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