Help Me Find Good Wines to Drink With Cook-Out Foods

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Q: Big dilemma. It’s BBQ season and I’m a wine drinker. Can you recommend any wines that would go well with things like ribs, sausage, hamburgers and steak?

I’m thinking rosé since reds are too heavy for summer, and would love some suggestions. Thanks!

Sent by Alexandra

Editor: Alexandra, this sounds like a Lambrusco job to us! Chilled, bubbly, slightly sweet red wine, and low alcohol levels (so, good for drinking in larger quantities, and with spicy foods like grilled sausage and ribs).

Also remember that many light reds are best served slightly chilled — perfect for a meaty cook-out. Check out this list of recommendations:

Readers, what other kinds of wine do you like to drink at your cook-outs?

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