Help Me Find the Finishing Salt from Barcelona Tapas Bars!

updated May 24, 2019
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Q: I was in Barcelona, Spain a few months ago and ate at a number of tapas bars. It seemed common to have a sprinkling of finishing salt on the dishes. The salt was white, coarse, light, and crunchy. It tasted of the ocean without being overly salty. It was AMAZING.

I have been on a search ever since, and haven’t been able to find a similar salt stateside. Any help in locating something would make my year.

Sent by Jen

Editor: Finishing salts like Maldon (pictured above) are an inexpensive pleasure in the kitchen! A little sprinkle of flaky, delicate sea salt can really change the taste of your food; all those crystals are different in size and shape than the usual fine-grained table salt, and so they create tiny explosions of saltiness inside your mouth that add up to an enhanced experience of your food.

We aren’t sure exactly what salt was used in these tapas bars, Jen, but here are a couple leads. If these don’t pan out, we suggest shopping through Market Hall Foods and other gourmet shops, trying out a couple different sorts of white flaky sea salts.

Sal Marina de Barcelona Finishing Salt – at The Meadow
Salt: White Gold – An article all about salt in Spain, at Spain Gourmet Tour

Readers, any leads for Jen?