Juicer's Dilemma: Help Me Find a Tasty Savory Juice!

Juicer's Dilemma: Help Me Find a Tasty Savory Juice!

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 19, 2011

What do you do when you get a new juicer? Well you juice everything in your kitchen that will hold still, that's what. After mastering the art of making tasty fruit juices loaded with nutritious kale and spinach, I found myself at a roadblock this morning — how to make a savory juice that doesn't taste like salsa water. Do you have any ideas?

After acquiring a new juicer, I've come to love the convenience of replacing a meal or two a day with a good juice. There are thousands of recipes floating around on the internet, but not many are reviewed or warn you ahead of time if what you're about to consume is actually tasty.

Finding a savory juice (can you juice a steak?) that isn't loaded with fruit has proved to be tricky. Fruit juice isn't a bad thing, but I'd like to make something that isn't so dessert-like in nature. So far, most of the savory juices I've tried taste like salsa and although not bad, well, they taste like salsa.

Do you have a favorite savory juice? A few favorite ingredients? Share your stories and recipes with me in the comments below and I'll test out the best and share my results!

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(Image: Flickr member William Ismael | Willpower LifeForce licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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