Help Me Find a Strainer or Colander That Actually Does Its Job

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Q: Why do so many big colanders/strainers function so poorly? Most of them can’t drain out all the water — instead of getting dry pasta or veggies, everything is left in some water that won’t ever drain out of the holes!

My mom has an old, beat-up metal one that does work, but we’re not sure why this one drains water properly.

It seems that the holes of a metal or plastic colander have to be punctured a certain way so that water drains out fully, but does anyone know the exact science behind this so I can select one for myself that actually works?


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Editor: This is such an interesting tool problem! Colanders are something we usually take for granted, but you’re right — older ones often perform much better. Readers, do you have a large colander or strainer that you love and can recommend?

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