Help Me Find a Stovetop Toaster

published Jul 21, 2011
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Q: I live in a house that has been divided into efficiency apartments, which means I have a kitchen so tiny I can’t spare the room to put a toaster. I remembered seeing spatula-like stove top toasters in old movies. When I searched for what I thought that would be called, I came up with articles describing an $8 stove-top toaster that used to be available from MoMA, and it’s exactly what I was thinking of! But they no longer seem to sell it. Any ideas on where I could find something similar? It really seems like the perfect solution to my toast problem.

Sent by Morgan

Editor: Morgan, search for “non-electric toaster” or “stovetop toasters.” You should find what you’re looking for. Here is one from Toaster Central:

Square Non-Electric Toaster from Italy, $28 at Toaster Central

If you have an oven in your tiny kitchen, one other option is to use your broiler. This isn’t terribly efficient (heating up the whole oven to make toast) but it does make extremely good toast. Put the toast near the broiler coils and flip once. (I do this when making a big batch of toast for family brunch that I want to have hot and ready all at the same time.)

Readers, any suggestions or ideas for Morgan?

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