Help Me Find a Non-Tomato Italian Sauce

published Aug 28, 2014
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Q: I have always made a great, simple tomato sauce based on roasting tomatoes, hot peppers, onion and garlic in the oven at 350°F for an hour, and then simmering the puree of the roasted veggies with a teabag full of Italian spices and a cup of chicken stock.

It’s rich and savory and very spicy and a little sweet and I love it.

However, times have changed and with my diagnosis with Crohn’s disease and the identification of tomatoes in all forms as food that triggers my symptoms, I will not be eating my sauce again.

What other Italian-style sauces would fit the same flavor profile?

Sent by Ana

Editor: I would try subbing in some jarred red peppers in place of the tomatoes — they’re sweet and have a similar texture! Here are some other non-tomato pasta sauces to try out too if you’re feeling adventurous:

Readers, do you have any non-tomato sauces that you can recommend?