Help Me Find a Green Vegetable Dish for Thanksgiving!

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Q: I have a Thanksgiving conundrum that has me scratching my head. For our family’s dinner, I’ve been asked to bring a dish that meets these requirements:
1. Is made with green veggies (we have too many orange and white already on the menu). 2. Can be made ahead (so it doesn’t take up space in the oven/stovetop on the day-of). 3. Is vegetarian. 4. Is NOT covered in cream sauce (because someone is already making green bean casserole)

Does such a dish exist? I’d love some ideas if you’ve got them!

Sent by Amber

Editor: Amber, how about a straight-up salad, then? We find that we really crave something green and fresh amidst all the starch and fat of a classic Thanksgiving dinner. What about this autumn kale slaw, for instance? Or a kale and ricotta salad?

Readers, more advice for Amber?

(Image: Faith Durand)