Help Me Find a Good Gift for Entertaining or Parties

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Q: I need help picking out a gift for my brother’s engagement shower this weekend. The invitation asks to bring gifts to help the couple entertain (and isn’t supposed to be from the registry).

I’m asking here because for entertaining I would obviously put together something with appliances or food or wine or something like that, but I’m feeling pretty uninspired this week. They’re a really happy, young couple. She’s in med school and he works in finance, so they don’t cook much during the week, but they love to party, have parties and generally do fun things on weekends. Any ideas?

Sent by Christine

Editor: Christine, what about a picnic basket with a selection of nice cheeses and a bottle of wine? Or a set of really lovely coasters, or a table runner? If you know their tastes well, this could be a nice time to get them something more personal and decorative. (We like that Lovina table runner pictured above, $38 at Anthropologie.)

You could also look for an elegant beverage dispenser or another party helper.

Readers, any bright and creative ideas for Christine?

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