Help Me Find a Better Thermal Teapot

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Q: Members of my family are all avid tea drinkers, especially at breakfast. My mom likes to brew loose tea in a thermal carafe and bring it to the table for everyone. The trouble is, the loose tea keeps getting stuck in the pour holes and makes a mess.

Do you or your readers know of any thermal teapots that solve this problem?

Sent by Bengi

Editor: Bengi, I don’t have any thermal teapots to recommend, but I do have a few other options to consider:

Good Product: Kaiser Alfi Modern Classic Carafe – This is the carafe I currently use, and I love it. Perhaps your mother can just brew the tea in a regular teapot then transfer it to a carafe like this one to keep it warm?
BonJour’s Insulated Rhône French Press – You could also use a French press, like this one, which is insulated, and press the leaves down and out of the way when the tea has finished steeping.
Adagio Teas’ TriniTEA Tea Maker – Here’s one other product I love — an automated tea maker that keeps the tea warm for you.

Readers, any better recommendations or ideas for Bengi?

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