Help Me Become More Comfortable With Cooking Meat!

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Q: I recently started a new job cooking dinner for a family five nights a week. I have worked as a cook in a vegetarian kitchen before, but I find that I’m a little intimidated because of a new foray into slightly uncharted territory: meat.

I am a vegetarian and have been for as long as I’ve cooked. I will occasionally buy a chicken from our CSA farmer and make massive amounts of soup, and have prepared fish once or twice for my meat-loving partner, but other than that I have little experience cooking meat. Do you have any ideas for ways to overcome my hesitation? The family buys all organic, free-range meats, so there is no moral issue involved, just a wariness of how to attack this new adventure. Any good resources I should check out?

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Editor: Caitlin, here is a roundup of all our meat-related tutorials and tips:

Readers, what books, videos or other resources would you suggest to help learn more about cooking with meat?

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