Help! Is Something Wrong With Our Herbs?

Help! Is Something Wrong With Our Herbs?

Emma Christensen
Jun 18, 2008

We noticed these little wispy cobwebs on our oregano the other morning. We didn't see any arachnid or insect activity, so we assumed it was a little gift left by a night visitor to our container garden.

But then it seemed to be getting worse. We saw it on a few other herbs in the same pot, and some leaves looked entirely cocooned in threads.

We still didn't see any actual insects, so we wiped the cobwebs away with our fingers and carried on.

Does anyone know what this is or if it's bad for our little herbs?

A few thoughts and some more pictures after the jump...

Some searching around on the internet led to at least one possibility: spider mites. A few places said that these insects build cobweb nests, but they're so small that you can hardly see them.

We tried shaking the herbs onto white paper to see if any mites showed up, but with no conclusive evidence. There's a lot of pollen on those herbs right now, too!

We think we'll keep an eye on it for a few days. If it keeps getting worse, we might try spritzing with soapy water or a garlic wash.

Any suggestions?

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