Help! I Need Meal Ideas for a 4-Day Train Trip!

published Sep 19, 2011
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Q: In two weeks I’ll be embarking on a four-day cross-country train ride to visit family. I’m excited for the ride, but totally unimpressed with Amtrak’s menu (and prices!). I’ve decided to be self-sufficient with regard to my meals, but I’m a little stumped. I’ll have no fridge and no access to a microwave; everything has to go in my carry-on bag so it can’t be too heavy; and I prefer to eat whole, nutritious foods, so pop-tarts and power bars are out.

I’d love to hear some ideas that go beyond jerky and trail mix. Help?

Sent by Brande

Editor: Brande, other than plenty of fruit and perhaps some hard cheese and crunchy vegetables (packed in a small carry-on cooler) we’re a bit stumped too. One small snack that lasts well, too, is this peanut butter and fruit “sushi” — you could take the ingredients for a batch or two of these.

Readers, what else would you suggest?

(Image: Joanna Miller)