Help, I Need Inspiration for Lunch!

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Q: I feel like we never have any food to eat, despite sometimes having a full fridge. Lunch is the hardest meal of the day; I can’t count how many times we’ve looked in the fridge and thought there’s nothing to eat! I think our struggle is feeling like the only option we have for lunch is lunch meat.

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Editor: I’m with you. Lunch is tricky — and often it’s uninspired. Maybe it’s because lunch, unlike dinner and breakfast, doesn’t have specific foods assigned to it beyond a sandwich. You don’t have to hold fast to any of those rules. Eat what you want! Make a grain bowl, a big crunchy salad, a sandwich, or soup! Hard-boiled eggs are my personal go-to lunch.

Kitchn readers, what’s your go-to lunch during the week?

Here’s some inspiration to get you started!

Lunch Inspiration from The Kitchn