Help! How Can I Slice Bread More Evenly?

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Q: I have really gotten into baking my own bread in a dutch oven. So far, the loaves have been beautiful — and then I cut into it. I have a good bread knife and wait a painfully long time until the loaf has cooled, but every time I try to cut, the slices are either far too thick or too thin and always uneven. Any tips out there for evenly slicing a fat, round loaf of homemade bread?

Sent by Marissa

Editor: If your loaves are wider than your bread knife, you might try cutting the loaf in half and then slicing each half crosswise into smaller slices. If you turn the half on its side so the cut-side is facedown on the cutting board, it’s easier to hold the loaf steady.

Readers, what advice do you have?

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