Help! How Do I Clean Sticky Residue Off My Knife?

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Q: I recently bought a beautiful Global santoku knife. I am always careful to wash it by hand and dry it immediately after. Yesterday, though, I cut up a butternut squash and let the knife sit for an hour or two. Upon washing it carefully with hot water and dish soap, there is still a residue. Help!

I washed it again thinking it was a fluke, but nope! Still has residue on it. Please don’t tell me my beautiful knife is ruined! How can I get the butternut squash residue off?

If it makes a difference, I also used that knife to cut garlic and apples (in that order) that night. Maybe they somehow made a horribly sticky residue when combined…? But I’ve cut both before at the same time and they’ve never done that. The butternut squash is the only unfamiliar ingredient.

Sent by Kay

Editor: You might try soaking your knife for a few minutes in warm water to see if that loosens the residue.

Readers, any other ideas?