Help! Do We Need a Backsplash?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our stovetop is like those in many apartments, with a flimsy microwave vent above it and a plain white wall behind. There’s no beautifully tiled backsplash, not even a stainless steel one or a piece of glass. So far, so good—we haven’t had any major splatters…

Almost everything that might splash or spurt out of the pan sits on one of the front burners. The stuff closest to the wall, if anything, is a slow simmering pot or boiling water.

Then again, we’ve only been in this apartment for six months. Over time, we’re sure the white wall will get discolored or dirty. We’ll probably wait until that point to do something, as redecorating isn’t in the budget right now. But it got us thinking: Does everyone have a backsplash but us? Do you? Or is our plain, painted white wall pretty standard?

Maxwell and Sara Kate made their own glass backsplash when they re-did their kitchen. Go take a look.

Do you have any tips for keeping the wall behind your oven clean?