Help Design the Sunset Dream Kitchen of the West: Sneak Peek at the Floor Plans

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sunset Magazine is running a rather brave sort of reader event: they’re letting their readers help design Sunset’s Dream Kitchen via an interactive online voting process. Sort of like American Idol for kitchens — which is, we confess, a really fun idea. The really cool thing is the kitchen is actually going to be built according to the readers’ specs over a ten-week period, guided by kitchen designer Cass Calder Smith.

They launch the website on March 23, but they gave us a sneak peek at the first choice: three basic floor plans. Read on to see them all, and to hear a little more about the project.

Once the site launches, visitors will vote on their favorite floor plans, fixtures, flooring, and other kitchen accessories, and then they’ll watch the kitchen come together in real time through photos, blogs and video. The Dream Kitchen building site is a home in the Rose Garden neighborhood of San Jose; the home is already constructed, but the kitchen has yet to be completed.

Given that this is a home outside a downtown urban area and designed for Sunset’s audience of Westerners with a little more space to sprawl out, this kitchen will likely be much larger than the kitchens we’re used to seeing here. But we’re looking forward to watching how it all comes together and hopefully we’ll pick up a few tips on kitchen renovations and building in general.

Pictured above:
Click on each floorplan’s image to open a larger version in a new window.

• 1 Family floorplan
• 2 Entertainer floorplan
• 3 Eco floorplan

• Visit the Sunset Dream Kitchen website

(Images: Sunset Magazine)