Help! Can Our Rosemary Plant Survive Indoors?

Help! Can Our Rosemary Plant Survive Indoors?

Emma Christensen
Nov 4, 2008

We became addicted to fresh rosemary this summer and are loath to give it up. But we live in Boston and our apartment doesn't get very good sunlight - is there any hope our rosemary can survive the winter indoors?

We just brought our plant indoors last week, and its leaves are already starting to shrivel and drop off. Reading online, this appears to be caused by going from abundant light to significantly less light too quickly. We're going to try putting it closer to our kitchen window and hope that helps.

We've also read to be careful of over-watering rosemary once it's brought inside. Excess water will hang out in the soil and cause the roots to slowly decay, which kills the plant. We get paranoid about forgetting to water our plants and tend to compensate by over-watering we'll have to be careful of this!

It's also important to rotate the plant every few days so every side gets a little bit of time in the sun. We think this will be particularly important for our plant given our lack of good sunlight.

We might also try pruning our rosemary back. We're proud of how bushy and robust our rosemary grew during the summer, but a few sources mentioned that cutting it back means the plant has less of itself to maintain and can concentrate the nutritional resources.

We'll give these things a try and hope for the best. Anyone else have any advice?

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(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)

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