Hello! My Name Is… Use Name Tag Stickers as Easy Labels for Homebrews

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Brew your own beer for long enough and eventually you’ll get around to swapping bottles with fellow homebrewers. Here’s a simple and clever way to label your brews for all to see.

I started using “Hello, My Name Is” labels for my homebrews around the holidays. I was including a few bottles of beer and cider in care packages and wanted something a little nicer than my usual masking-tape sticker. There are templates for designing and printing your own labels, but I wanted something a little easier. I found an old package of these “Hello” labels in a drawer, and I was good to go.

Besides looking bold and graphic when wrapped around the brown bottles, I like how much space there is to write on these labels. Even after listing the kind of beer, the date it was bottled, and the ABV, there’s still plenty of room. I started getting creative with made-up descriptions like, “Drink this beer on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of winter while waiting for a pot of chili to cook.” I had a blast writing them and my giftees responded enthusiastically.

A label like this is better (and more fun!) than a piece of masking tape any day. Good beer deserves a good label.