Hello, Fall! A Look at Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Patch

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re always inspired by Martha Stewart’s gardens (and, of course, jealous of her gardening staff and vast expanse of property). But this display of pumpkins and gourds just feels like the perfect image to welcome Fall. How gorgeous are they?

We know this sounds ignorant, but we really are always surprised that the same, plain old pumpkin seeds that we see roasted as snacks are the actual thing that you plant in the ground. And then they really do grow into a pumpkin. Magic.

We loved seeing the process from start to finish in Martha’s slideshow. Even the bottles of seeds are beautiful, like little antique vials. Martha has 27 photos over at her blog. Go take a look:

FYI the crazy pumpkin in the last photo is called, not surprisingly, a warty pumpkin. There are also Long Island Cheese Pumpkins, Tennessee Sweet Potatoes, and Snake Gourds.

Who else is harvesting pumpkins and gourds this Fall? What did you grow?

(Images: The Martha Blog)