Heavenly Porridge from Tim of Lottie and Doof

Heavenly Porridge from Tim of Lottie and Doof

Leela Cyd
Nov 30, 2010

What do our fellow bloggers, writers, and online friends eat, first thing in the morning? We are asking some friends to share their favorite morning nourishment with us. I will cook and eat it too, and bring you their thoughts on what to eat first thing in the morning. Here's Tim from Lottie and Doof.

When Tim described this delicious porridge recipe as, "tasting like a melted muffin," I knew I was in for something special. Could something as ho–hum as oat bran be transformed into morning decadence? Oh indeed!

Tim started his blog, Lottie and Doof, as a fun outlet while pursuing an MFA at Northwestern University. I was immediately drawn to Tim's simple, food–focused photographic style (he usually shoots his creations against a white background) and witty, often heart–warming observations on cooking. What I love about Tim's blog is that his passion for being in the kitchen and the next great cake is almost palpable; you can just feel the joy jumping off the screen. I appreciate Tim's authentic voice and great baking advice, he really talks you through his recipes. Plus, anyone who dares to make a "King Cake," a confection smothered in pastel shades of food coloring and royal icing (it resembles a psychedelic trip) deserves a big high–five.

About this breakfast Tim says:

One of my dear friends, Brooke, taught me how to make this porridge (hot cereal) last year and it remains my favorite thing to eat for breakfast in cold weather. It is simple, beautiful and easily adapted to your taste. You can make as much or as little as you need. It is pretty perfect. I like it two ways: with berries (either raspberries or blackberries) or with bananas. Either way, this ends up tasting like a melted muffin. It is absolutely satisfying and since it can be made in less than 10 minutes, you don't need to reserve it for weekend mornings. Serve it with a good cup of black tea and you will have an excellent start to your day.

Tim and Brooke are right. This porridge is a divine (and filling) way to start the day. Having never really liked oat bran before (too mushy, I thought), I was a bit skeptical, but all those special additions made it a very compelling thing to eat. The touch of sea salt, slivered bananas, flax seed, vanilla, honey and the splash of cream elevated the porridge into such an elegant bowl of grains. I could hardly believe how transformed my usual bowl of oats could be. This was something! I'll definitely be putting this recipe on my list of morning delights.

Brooke's Porridge
(serves 2 generously)

1 cup oat bran (oat bran is my preference, but you can also use a 7 or 10-grain cereal)
2 cups water
1 generous cup berries (fresh or frozen) or sliced, very ripe, bananas
pinch of salt
1 to 2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup
1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

• nuts (I like sliced almonds with the berries and toasted pecans or walnuts with the bananas)
• heavy cream (I know this ruins the healthiness of this but who cares—it is important!)
• flax seeds (I think these are vital, and add a nice deep earthiness, but you can omit)
• brown sugar (I like a sprinkle of this, but you could also add some additional honey or maple syrup)
• fresh fruit (again, optional but I like it)
• sea salt (a sprinkle on top really pushes this over the edge!)

In a medium pot over medium-high heat bring water, pinch of salt, and half of fruit to a boil. Add the oat bran and honey and stir regularly until cereal is cooked, about 2-3 minutes for oat bran- longer for 10-grain. Serve hot, topped with suggested toppings.

Thanks Tim for contributing to our Breakfast with a Blogger series!

Visit Tim's Blog: Lottie and Doof

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(Images: Leela Cyd Ross, photo of Tim by Tim)

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