Heat Wave Eating: Chameh Melon’s Refreshing Sweetness

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There was a rush on chameh melons yesterday at the Greenmarket near the UN. After shoppers tasted a bite, they had to try one ($1/pound, Yuno’s Farms).

These small yellow melons are perfect for small refrigerators, where a watermelon just won’t fit.

Peel these melons with a vegetable peeler. Serve chameh very cold and eat the white fruit, the seeds, and the delicious cooling gel around the seeds.

Yuno’s sign describes chameh this way: “Distinctive Asian melon with crisp texture and refreshing sweetness.” The texture is more like a young cucumber.

Shoppers at the market talked about adding chameh to salads. It makes a refreshing light breakfast too. We can vouch for that, we’re crunching through half a chameh as we write.