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The Single Best Thing to Buy from Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hearth and Hand Line at Target

published Aug 4, 2021
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I’ll fall for anything and everything in Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line at Target — especially when it comes to the kitchen aisle, which is filled with clean, bright, cozy-modern decor and tools. Their stuff is basically catnip to this millennial home cook. Over the course of the past year, I’ve purchased her flour sack towels, measuring cups, a utensil crock, and a minuscule dish I don’t have much use for but sure do love. I also eat almost every meal off of these lovely plates

But nothing has delighted me more than the most random purchase I’ve ever made from the Hearth & Hand line: a set of biscuit cutters! There are three circular cutters in the set, in 2-, 2.5-, and 3-inch diameters. They’re made from stainless steel (read: easy to clean), and are dishwasher-safe to boot. The best part about the design is the two-pronged handle, which makes them comfy to grip. And they are only $5.99, a price I rationalized by calculating that a biscuit egg sandwich and coffee costs more than that at my favorite local café.

Honestly, I don’t know why I bought them; it’s not like I’m churning out strawberry shortcakes daily. I guess I was overcome with the realization that I’d gone 30-something years without owning biscuit cutters, and how could I call myself a functioning adult if I didn’t have any? I don’t know; Target does weird things to my brain.

But I’m so glad I got them — and I want you to buy them, too. I do not regret this purchase — and you won’t either! As soon as I brought the biscuit cutters home, I began to find all sorts of uses for them. The different sizes are perfect for stamping out decorative circles for a savory pie. I use the smallest size to cut perfect pieces of shortbread. And I regularly reach for the largest cutter as a mold for frying eggs. Sometimes, you just want a perfect circle of egg white, you know?

Credit: Rochelle Bilow

It’s funny: I have found so many uses for these since I purchased them! Owning them has made me realize just how often I used to use the rim of a Mason jar or drinking glass for stamping out shapes. That method worked — sort of — but nothing compares to the crisp, sharp edges of real biscuit cutters.

I’ve even begun baking biscuits more often (as it happens, Joanna Gaines has a great recipe). There’s something deeply satisfying about baking these treats from scratch, using my cutters. I’ll also say that as an investment, this set of tools was definitely less expensive than shelling out for a delivery of Magnolia’s frozen biscuits.

I’m still looking for surprising ways to make the most out of my biscuit cutters. What else should I use them for?