Healthy Tip: Use Farro in Fried Rice

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We haven’t yet had a chance to photograph our own fried rice made with farro, so we’re asking you to take the two pictures above and combine them in your imagination. Trust us, we’ve eaten it more than once, and it’s good…

We’ve been cooking with farro a lot lately; it’s our new food crush. It’s has so much more personality than rice and brings a slightly sweet, fluffy, chewy element to our dishes.

It is not cheap. As we noted when we made our Warm Farro Salad with Roasted Vegetables and Fontina, our farro cost $7 a bag (although we found it at Fairway yesterday for $5.50). But we think it’s worth it. Farro is a whole grain that’s high in protein and really good for you.

Which is why we’ve been using it instead of rice in our quick stir-fries. We boil it like pasta to eliminate any guesswork about how much water to use, then drain it and toss it with our sautéed vegetables. We add a couple of beaten eggs, stirring the whole lot until the eggs are scrambled and everything is sizzling and coated in soy sauce.

Despite its name, fried rice can be a really healthy dish- lots of vegetables, simple protein, and a little bit of oil. Using brown rice is healthier than using white, but we recommend trying farro in place of either one.

(Images: Farro, $8.75 for a 1.1-pound bag, from Market Hall Foods; Flickr member tsuihin, licensed under Creative Commons)