25+ Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

updated May 29, 2019
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

One of the reasons to pack your own lunch for work (besides it saving you some money, of course) is that it’s the easiest way to ensure you’re eating something wholesome in the middle of the day. Perhaps you’ve been packing the same old salad, though, and you’re finding yourself less than thrilled with your option when noon rolls around?

Luckily we have some inspiration. Here are 25 (plus!) healthy lunches you’ll not only feel good about packing, but also will be excited to dig into.

Hearty Sandwiches

Sandwiches are classic lunch options, but they can sometimes get a bad rap for not being the most healthy option. That’s far from the truth, though — especially when you load them with things like veggies, beans, and lean protein and opt for whole-wheat bread or wraps!

Wholesome Salads

A salad is an easy choice, but the trouble is packing a salad that will actually keep you satisfied through the afternoon. The secret is to layer that salad with wholesome things that have heft, like protein-rich chicken, tuna, beans, and even quinoa.

Soups, Chili, and a Few Other Great Lunches

Beyond the sandwich and salad route, soup is a comforting choice. A light puréed vegetable soup is nice when you’re not looking for a bulky lunch, while a bean-filled chili is your best option when you’re feeling ravenous.