Healthy, Kid-Friendly Meal Ideas for 65 Preschoolers?

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Q: I work as a cook at a preschool, and I’m responsible for providing a hot lunch for 65 kids under the age of 5 every day. I’m trying to move them away from some of the processed foods that they love and on which my predecessor relied (basically, frozen and boxed everything).

But a lot of my attempts have been less than successful (See: the split pea soup incident, the chickpea curry episode, etc). They tend to do well with very plain dishes (pasta with olive oil and salt seems to be a hit), but I’m running out of ideas about how to get some protein into them.

Do you guys have any thoughts? Any creative, scale-able recipes for getting your kids to eat well?

Sent by Dewey

Editor: Dewey, wow that’s a tall order — but fun, too! Have you tried simple baked chicken and fish yet? Or tiny, kid-sized meatballs? Check out these two books, too; I really felt that they had some good, kid-friendly ideas:

Readers, what would you suggest? Got any extra-creative ideas for Dewey?

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