What Are Some Healthy Eating Tips for a Short-Term Living Situation?

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Q: My husband and I are living in a furnished apartment in LA for three months. During our short stay there, we’ll also be doing a lot of traveling. I’m worried about our eating habits. What are some short-term living kitchen tips I could use?

We don’t want to be eating from the freezer too much. Thank you in advance!

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Editor: I’d suggest taking a European approach to your cooking and meals! This is to say, shop more frequently and buy just what you know you’ll eat in a day or two. Hopefully this will cut down on food waste and also help you both keep up some healthy eating habits.

This said, it might be good to stock up on some shelf-stable and freezer-happy pantry items to make it easier to pull together good meals while you’re at home:

Readers, what other tips do you have for eating healthy in a short-term living situation?