Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Food: Sweet Potato Ravioli With Kale Pesto

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The cold mid-winter weather always brings out my nesting side. I gravitate towards anything that’ll make me feel warm and cozy: hot coffee, nourishing soups, warm bread and butter. But this time of year I’m still trying — trying, not always succeeding — to keep things light. (December was pretty indulgent!) Enter this delicious sweet potato ravioli from Laura of The First Mess. It hits all the right notes: creamy, filling, comforting, and all without using any dairy.

This isn’t a quick meal — there is some time involved to make the pasta — but it’s definitely worth it. In lieu of eggs, Laura uses ground chia seeds as a binding agent. And the sweet potato and pine nut filling is similar in texture to ricotta (“whipped and airy with light, acidic notes of lemon,” as Laura writes) while the slight bitterness of the garlicky kale pesto cuts the sweetness just enough. It feels decadent without the guilt. How’s that for feeling cozy?

Get the Recipe: Sweet Potato Ravioli with Kale Pesto | The First Mess

(Images: Laura of The First Mess)