Healthy Breakfast: 8 Great Ways to Eat More Greens

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Green eggs and ham are no joke in our house! We love ’em with garlicky swiss chard, a side of steamed asparagus, or even a simple handful of arugula thrown on top. Whether you’re looking for healthier breakfasts or just love savory, green-filled dishes, here are eight ideas (and recipes!) for getting more greens in that all-important first meal of the day.

This post stems from a fabulous Good Question that we posted a few months ago asking you for ways to eat more greens with breakfast. Your suggestions were so fabulous, diverse, and creative that we had to share our favorites. Check out the full thread (including an interesting discussion on the nutritional aspects of cooking greens vs. eating them raw): What Are Some Ways To Eat More Greens With Breakfast?

1. Green Smoothies – This is still one of our favorite ways to add some greens to our breakfast. If it sounds gross to you, just give it a try once. Spinach with pears and ginger is one of our favorites. Any others?

2. Green Frittatas – Greens are great with eggs. Really, truly, fantastically great. We usually add a handful of beet greens, swiss chard, or whatever other green we have on hand and let it wilt for a few minutes before pouring in the eggs.

3. Green Eggs and Polenta – Along the same line, try sautéing some greens with a little garlic and a pinch of red pepper flakes and serving this with a scoop of creamy polenta and a fried or poached egg. (We actually eat this regularly for dinner as well!)

4. Green Breakfast Casserole – Eggy, rich breakfast casseroles are one of our favorite make-ahead breakfasts for brunches or just eating throughout the week. You can add wilted greens or an extra handful of chopped veggies to just about any breakfast casserole recipe you find.

5. Green Toast – This is one of the simplest and quickest ways to eat a few greens on the way out the door. You can wilt a batch of greens ahead of time or just pile on the fresh greens. We like to drizzle a bit of olive oil and some sea salt on top, and a slice of cheese goes a long way to making it satisfying.

6. Green Hash – Cook some chopped greens along with your potatoes, onions, bacon, and eggs for a version of breakfast hash. Besides adding a few more nutrients, we actually really like the way the earthy flavor of greens like chard and kale pair with the creamy potatoes and sweet onions.

7. Green Breakfast Burrito – Another good one for eating on the go. Just wrap up some greens in your burrito along with a scoop of rice, some scrambled eggs, and a sprinkling of cheese.

8. Green Oatmeal or Congee – Savory oatmeal or creamy rice porridge (congee) is a blank slate for greens and other veggies. Delicate greens and herbs will wilt right into the hot porridge without needing more cooking.

And here are a few of our favorite recipes to get you going:

What are your favorite ways to eat greens for breakfast?