Healthy Beef and Cheap Olive OilTop posts from the week of February 17-23

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• You liked this recipe for pasta sauce with wild mushrooms and no cream – it’s thickened instead with a roux, an easy trick of flour and butter.

• Lots of readers chimed in on this question of how much to pay for olive oil. There are brands here we’d like to try out.

• Speaking of olive oil, this cake is really good.

• Do happy cows taste better?

• And where should we look for better beef? It’s not hard to find well-priced beef raised and slaughtered humanely, safely, and with better care.

More top posts from our archives and editors’ picks below.

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Top Posts from our Archives
• Bread – No-Knead and No-Time – is still super popular.

• See also our list of Dutch oven alternatives for No-Knead bread.

Easy popovers, too – they’re so delicious hot out of the oven with melted butter and jam.

• Thinking of an herb garden this spring? Self-watering pots help.

How to broil a steak – this a classic and foolproof way to enjoy a good hunk of beef.

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Editors’ Picks
Breakfast casserole – “ham and cheese” and challah are baked up into easy, hot breakfast for a winter morning.

• Is $150 too much to pay for a slow cooker – even if it is made by All-Clad?

Juno’s Pregnant Dates, for your Oscars party.

• Your slow cooker is the ideal tool for a long slow braise.

• Like the no-knead breads? Try no-knead challah.


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