Healthier Recipe Ideas That Appeal to Picky Eaters?

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)
When we live together, I’m concerned that I’ll start eating more of his meat-and-potatoes diet since it includes things we both like. I would appreciate any ideas for recipes that are healthier but aren’t too out there for him. For reference, I’ve already tried (and succeeded with) things like homemade pizza, homemade mac and cheese, roast chicken, pasta bakes, etc.

Sent by Adrienne

Editor: Adrienne, congratulations on the big move! I suggest starting with what he likes by making slightly healthier versions of Italian and Mexican comfort foods, or Chinese stir-fries that go heavier on the veggies and lighter on the meat and sauces. For example, enchiladas are easy to make healthier with the addition of extra veggies and less cheese. (I like to add cooked, shredded chicken and roasted sweet potatoes to this recipe.)

And here are some more tips for feeding picky eaters:

Readers, what are your suggestions for recipes that are healthier, but still appeal to picky eaters?