Episode 5 of HBO Max’s “Julia” is Flaming Hot with Crepes Suzette, Drag Queens, and a Famous Friendly Face

published Apr 14, 2022
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Julia Child season 1
Credit: Courtesy of HBO Max

Episode 5 of HBO Max’s Julia is entitled “Crepes Suzette,” but it actually opens with the beloved French Chef making a mouthwatering Mousse a la Framboise — which she describes as “a fairly rich dessert.” Once filming is completed, her crew members run over to the set, spoons in hand, to dig into the creamy creation. “It’s like biting into a raspberry chocolate cloud,” sighs a cameraman.

And that’s just the beginning of the delicious decadence of this episode.

Food-wise, Julia makes a guest appearance on a TV show to share her recipe for Crepes Suzette, starting with a universal crepe batter to which she says nutmeg and other spices can be added. She tells the audience that “Cooking is just like chemistry but we are encouraged to lick the instruments.” 

After flambeing the crepes and scaring the host, she invites a famous friend (we won’t spoil things and tell you who, if you haven’t seen the episode, yet) to join her. “Did you know Crepes Suzette were invented by mistake?” he asks. “A waiter accidentally set fire to …” and Julia interrupts, shouting, “Suzette!”

No matter where she is or what’s she’s doing, Julia is so authentically herself, and that’s why people loved and still love her so much. Even when she’s obviously out of her comfort zone — and, oh, she is definitely out of her comfort zone in this episode — she’s gracious, funny, and warm.

If you haven’t seen this episode yet, please be advised that there are spoilers ahead.

In this episode, Julia heads to San Francisco for a book signing that’s a huge success. She goes to a club with her friend, legendary food writer James Beard, who calls himself “a fat old fairy,” and is shocked to meet a drag queen who is such a huge fan. He calls himself Coco Van and dresses like her. Julia joins him onstage where he sings, “I had to be you,” and she finds herself having a blast. 

What I learned from Julia: Be yourself. What I especially love about this episode is that it shows Julia really coming into her own as a public figure yet always remaining true to herself. Even when she admits “something is happening,” and that she’s actually starting to like the attention, she turns to her husband and says, “We have to stay us.”

The first five episodes of Julia are now available on HBO Max with new episodes airing every Thursday through May 5.