Have Your T-Square? Cooking with the Anal Retentive Chef

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“People try to tell you that the secret to pepper steak is the seasoning, but we know different don’t we? It’s getting the pieces all the same size.”

Remember this Saturday Night Live skit? See the video above – and tell us what anal retentive habits you may be hiding!

The beauty of this skit is how close to true it really is for many of us! Maybe we’re not measuring every pepper with a ruler, but we’re definitely guilty of getting a bit …neurotic, shall we say, about trying to cut all the pieces as evenly and perfectly as the picture in the cookbook. When we’re trying to get a new recipe just right for a special occasion, it’s easy to go a bit overboard, isn’t it?

This also reminds us of the scenes in Julie & Julia when Julie goes a bit crazy with trying to track down the right ingredients and recreate Julia Child’s dishes exactly right!

What anal retentive tendencies come up for you during cooking?