Have You Tried Pumpkin Hummus Yet?

(Image credit: Vegetarian Ventures)

This time of year, you’ll find pumpkin in everything from cheesecake to beer to coffee creamer … and now, hummus. If you think about it, adding pumpkin purée to hummus makes a lot of sense. Standing in for the traditional tahini, pumpkin lends a creamy, luscious texture, while also giving off a vibrant orange hue.

Making hummus is as easy as pouring a bunch of ingredients — chickpeas, pumpkin purée, paprika, lemon, and garlic, in this case — in a blender or food processor and then slowly adding in olive oil while the machine is running. Once the hummus is smooth, you can season it to taste with salt and pepper and then serve in a bowl with black sesame seeds for a little added intrigue and crunch.

This hummus is a great appetizer to set out on Thanksgiving. Before you fuel up on turkey and stuffing, kick off the meal with this unique dip.

Get the Recipe: Smoky Pumpkin & Black Sesame Seed Hummus from Vegetarian Ventures