Have You Read the Virgin Airline Complaint Letter? “Look at this Richard. Just look at it!”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We know from reading the comments on Kathryn’s What Foods Can You Carry On The Plane post that food on airplanes is a passionate subject for Kitchen readers. And while it seems like many of us have solved the just-plain-awful food problem by packing our own, most people end up eating what the airline offers…if they are offered anything at all, that is.

One very frustrated and astute passenger on a recent Virgin Atlantic flight had finally had enough and penned what is being called one of the best complaint letters ever to Sir Richard Branson, the airline’s chief executive. The letter even included photos, one which is pictured above. Can you tell which is the starter and which is the dessert? Read on for links to his letter and the follow-up response from Sir Richard.

The letter has apparently been on its own worldwide flight via the internet. When it finally landed on the Telegraph’s website, it quickly racked up over 6000 Diggs. Since then, the writer has been identified and was offered the opportunity to help select the food and wine for future Virgin flights.

(Image: Telegraph)


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