Have You Had Your First Matcha Latte of 2015?

updated May 1, 2019
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Matcha and matcha lattes are definitely not a new thing, but both are about to become way more popular. Starbucks might have instituted a green tea latte to their menu years ago, but since then, and especially in the last year, multiple shops have opened up in New York that sell matcha products and matcha lattes.

Instagram tells me that people are excited about this uprising against the same old, same old espresso latte.

Many other food sites and publications have talked about matcha’s reign, including here and here. Last year at Fancy Food in New York, Faith and I noticed that many new matcha products were in the works, including this totally delicious sparkling matcha drink called Motto.

A quick search on Instagram of the hashtag “matcha” or “matchalatte” confirms that people are rallying behind this tea. Take a look and you’ll see so many gorgeous cups filled with that signature green liquid and decorative white foam. It’s just too pretty not to take a quick photo and brag to your friends on Instagram.

While lattes seem like the perfect way to enjoy this ingredient, matcha can also be seen gaining popularity in the baking world. Some of things are simple like cakes and cookies, while other get a little crazy, like these matcha croissants.

So, what is matcha?

Matcha is a high-quality powder made out of green tea leaves. This special tea is served in Japanese tea ceremonies. Traditionally, it is prepared in single batches by adding the tea to hot water and mixing vigorously with a special tool. The tea should be consumed immediately so it does not separate in the water.

How do you make a matcha latte?

While standard matcha tea is wonderful, it’s the matcha latte that is gaining an Instagram following. If you know how to make a latte, then making a matcha latte isn’t hard.

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