Have You Experienced the True Magic of the Magic Eraser?

updated May 1, 2019
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I’d like to take this moment to profess my love for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This is not buzz marketing, nor is it a paid advertisement. I just legitimately love this product — and I’m not ashamed to admit it. A single sponge gives me so much joy and cleaning power.

Here are some of the best cleaning moments Mr. Clean and I have shared together.

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I’ve used one at the office to get spilled coffee out of a white cotton dress, a use that’s considered off-label, I’m now told: “We do not recommend the magic eraser material to be used on fabrics,” says Michael Silverman, a brand spokesperson. Whoops — but I’d still do it again if I had to!

I regularly use one to clean up grease and grime from the top of my white gas range. (Silverman says it will work even better if I add a dab of Dawn dish liquid.)

Fun fact: The product was originally developed as a sound insulation material. The Japanese market was the first to find it and use it for cleaning. Then it was brought to the U.S. market.

I’ve used one to scrub off ink that transferred from a plastic shopping bag onto my wooden cabinet door after my husband insisted on hanging a bag full of recycling from a drawer knob. (I thought for sure we were going to have to pay for a new cabinet face when we moved out, but the sponge wiped it all away as if nothing had even happened.)

I keep one — at all times — by my kitchen sink and use it to clean stains off mugs, greasy pans, tarnished silverware, and more. (I do clean these items, as suggested, with soap and water once the sponge has done the hard work.)

A few other things I’ve cleaned using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser:

  • Refrigerator shelves
  • A moldy plastic cooler
  • My sink, shower, and bathroom fixtures
  • Stained plastic containers

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Have you discovered any life-changing uses for the Magic Eraser? I’d love to add them to my bag of tricks! Share them in the comments.