Have You Ever Tried Eggplant — For Dessert?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re rather fascinated by this recipe for tarte tatin. See, it doesn’t call for the traditional apples, or even pears or quince: it’s topped with eggplant. What do you think? Does eggplant have dessert course possibilities?

This recipe is from the August edition of Gourmet and it calls for caramelized eggplant, in a sweet sauce with a kick of black pepper. Eggplant of course is not a usual dessert component; tarte tatin is generally made with apples, pears, or even quince.

And yet eggplant has a gooey, tender quality that really does promise good things in a dessert. One commenter on this recipe wonders if the glazed eggplant would taste like figs. This is so intriguing to us, but we don’t know if we’re brave enough to try it just yet!

What do you think? Have you ever tried eggplant in a dessert?

(Image: Stephanie Foley/Gourmet)