Here To Eat: Ever Visited a City Just for the Food?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s no secret that we like to eat well on vacation. If you’re like many of the writers here at The Kitchn you’re researching ahead of time and sending out tweets to ask friends where the best places for chow are during your stay. That said have you ever chosen your destination city purely for the food to be had there?

Although I’ve never hopped a plane to another country specifically to taste foods I’ve been lusting over, a few years back my husband and I did take a trip to find a few specialty root beers (totally worth it and tasty!) and chose breweries and restaurants with our desired brand on tap our final destinations.

I’m willing to bet not many have taken a root beer vacation like I have but there could be those who really wanted great tacos and took a trip to Mexico to satisfy their craving. Have you ever taken a strictly food-based trip? Let us know in the comments below!

(Images: Faith Durand; Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan)