Have You Ever Made Your Own Couscous?

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Did you know that you can make your own couscous? We’re talking making couscous from scratch, as in starting with semolina. Really! It’s a fairly easy process involving semolina, a bit of water, and lots of handling. But have you ever tried it?

Joan Nathan wrote about this technique this week in the New York Times and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Read the article: Crafting Couscous: No Grain, No Gain by Joan Nathan at The New York Times

The couscous we buy in grocery stores is essentially comprised of little balls of semolina which have been formed by machines. However, couscous’s history extends far beyond machines, back to home cooks in Morocco and Turkey. The ancient technique involves spraying the semolina with water and gently raking one’s fingers through the grain until it forms tiny clumps. Time and labor intensive as it is, it seems like a fairly simple process and one that removes the factory middleman between ingredient and dinner table.

Have you ever made your own couscous?

(Images: Emon Hassan/The New York Times)

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