Have You Ever Frozen an Avocado?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Recently my neighbors had some house guests from Southern California who had come up with a truckload of just-picked avocados that they were going to sell on the street corner just outside of our neighborhood farmers’ market. The fruit was beautiful, still rock hard (which was good for transporting) but they promised they would ripen up in a week or so. At three for $1, I went wild and purchased nine. Which is also a little crazy because I live alone and while I love avocados, that’s a lot to have around all at once. But if I had known then that you can freeze them, I may have doubled my purchase. Wait, what was that? You can freeze avocados?

I wish I had stumbled on this tip from Kate Sims of the blog hustle + glow a little sooner. She says that she experimented with freezing ripe avocados two ways: one peeled and quartered, and the other mashed with a little bit of lemon juice. Both versions were placed in plastic freezer bags and frozen for several days. When she was ready to use them she simple defrosted them in a bowl of cold water and “they returned to their rich and creamy state.”

Unfortunately, my avocado stash is gone (eaten up or given away), but I can’t wait to try this in my own kitchen. It can be a real challenge when an avocado is ripe but I don’t have the time to eat it or when I buy more than one and they all ripen at once. If freezing them is an option without any noticeable change in flavor or texture, then I would be thrilled!

How about you? Have you ever frozen avocados? What happened when you did?

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(Image: Dana Velden)