Have Mobile Devices Changed the Way You Find Recipes & Read About Food?

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Last week I had the pleasure of attending the annual conference for IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) and if there was one hot topic in food media right now, it’s mobile. People are looking for recipes and food media on more devices than ever: the phone, the iPad, and any device you can access from the grocery store. Read on for a few interesting tidbits from folks like Tanya Steel, editor-in-chief of Epicurious — but first! We’d love to hear a little more about how you use your phone and tablet. Have they changed how you find recipes and read about food? 

Now obviously if you’re reading The Kitchn, you do read blogs and food media on the web (we don’t have a print magazine — wouldn’t that be fun?!). But you may or may not have jumped into mobile media, or if you have, you may not realize it. Do you look up recipes on your phone, double-checking ingredients in the grocery store? Do you read food magazines on your iPad? Do you use food or recipe apps on your Droid phone? If so, you’re participating in the huge sea change of mobile food media. 

Here are a few interesting points of data: 

  • Over the past year, we at The Kitchn have seen over a 200% increase in mobile visits. Phones, tablets, you name it. 

  • According to Tanya Steel of Epicurious, 14% of their (many, many) pageviews are now coming from mobile. 

  • Also, according to Tanya, mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic in India. Is that where we’re headed too? 
What about you? Tell us how having an iPhone or tablet has affected how you want your recipes or food media. We are admittedly a bit behind in this area here at The Kitchn (we hope to have a mobile version of our site and recipe archive available soon!) so we’re always curious to hear from our readers how they’re using mobile to cook at home. 


(Image: Emma Christensen)