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5 Ways to Have a Fun Night Out at Home

published Jan 4, 2021
Credit: Ben Haist

We’re all spending a lot more time at home than we used to. But when the office, school, and home all exist under one roof, it’s easy to forget to make time to kick back and enjoy each other’s company. A big night “out” may not be in the cards right now, but a little planning can bring plenty of big laughs and bold tastes to your very own table. We partnered with our friends at Birds Eye® on these simple tips that are sure to make your next fun night in feel fresh and festive.

1. Play trivia

True or false: A fun night in is always better with trivia. The answer is: It’s true! Whether you play a traditional board game or prefer trivia digital, the answer is a lot of fun. (No cheating by looking up answers on your phone!)

Credit: Ben Haist

2. Plate up some easy, crowd-winning, veggie-based snacks

Don’t let heavy, greasy food take you out of the game before your night hits halftime. Heat up some Birds Eye® Cauliflower Wings — they taste just like their classic counterpart, with four spicy, savory sauce options including Garlic Parmesan and Buffalo that go great with celery. Pop some Birds Eye® Crispy Green Beans — snackable green beans with a light, golden breading — in the oven and add your favorite dipping sauce for a double play that will score major points with the family.

3. Choose karaoke songs for each other

Choose a song for each person that best fits their personality and enjoy some awesome effort — even when it isn’t pitch-perfect. Mix things up with unexpected duets and rowdy group numbers. By your second encore, you’ll practically forget you’re in your living room and not out at a karaoke bar.

Credit: Ben Haist

4. Watch the big game or your favorite movie

All screen time is not created equal. Switch the end-of-day zone-out with some end-zone dances. Gather together to root for the home team, rediscover a favorite film, or binge-watch a hit show. Challenge everyone to see who can go the longest without looking at their electronic device. Winner gets an extra dessert!

5. Have friends make a virtual appearance

Just because your whole squad can’t hit the town together right now doesn’t mean you need to leave them out of the fun! Set up a video call to share a game or even a karaoke song. Bonus: They won’t be able to steal your snacks.