Have a Kitchen Pegboard? Here’s How You Get Visitors to Put Dishes Away Correctly.

published Mar 23, 2017
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(Image credit: Emma Chapman)

The party problem: Your friends, bless their hearts, always help out after a dinner party by drying and putting away the dishes, while you wash. The only problem? They don’t know where things go and you always spend the next few days hunting for your cast iron skillet.

The party trick: If you have a pegboard, outline every item. This will make the job of putting stuff away so easy, a child could do it. If you don’t have a pegboard, consider adding one before your next party for this very reason.

Okay, so we’re kinda joking about using this as a way to get guests to put stuff away where it belongs. It will also work on spouses and children! But more importantly, it’s a really good reminder for you. Once you get your pegboard arranged the way you want it (it’s a total art form!), you never have to worry about messing it up.

Hey, it worked for Julia Child, who made the kitchen pegboard famous.

Build your basic pegboard

Above, you’re looking at the pegboard hung and decorated by Emma Chapman, one of the bloggers behind A Beautiful Mess. She painted her pegboard navy to match a nearby accent wall. Once the board was up, she arranged everything to her liking and faintly traced the outside of each item, simplifying the shapes as necessary. Then she just used a white paint pen to go over the lines and make them stand out.

The result is a forensic-like diagram that’ll keep track of what goes where. No more finding your spatulas in a Mason jar stashed in a cabinet! Plus, it looks cool.

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