Harvest Cooking: What’s Inspiring You?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s Harvest month at The Kitchn, and we’ve been spotlighting a different local ingredient each week. Last week it was local apples, and the week before that it was local cheese and a look at buying from local cheese producers.

But we’re in a specific local place, which is a different place than most of you. This week we want to ask you: what harvest produce and local products are inspiring you?

Our readers are all over the country and the world: New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, yes – but also Kansas City, Boston, Chicago, Austin, New Orleans, London, Paris, and many more places in between. Some of you live in the country; some of you live in the city.

What’s in season at your local market, and what’s inspiring you now? We may be inspired (and challenged) by the mounds of butternut squash at our local farm stand, working hard to come up with ideas to use all that fall bounty in practical ways through the winter. But you may be inspired by something completely different.

Do you have a local creamery, dairy, farm, or butcher that is giving you inspiration? Tell us here, especially if there are recipes you are finding in the process. We’ll bat you some recipes back and forth too, and next week we’ll return to our own local space with some local sausage and ideas for cooking with less meat (and more flavor).

(Image: Flickr member dick_pountain licensed for use under Creative Commons)