This Might Be the Perfect On-the-Go Snack for Your Cat

published Dec 18, 2017
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Squeezy tubes of food are all the rage. They’re easy for people to consume on the go and also make single servings easy to identify. Apparently, these two things are also true in the cat community. Late last year Hartz released a product to the (cat) consumer market that flew under the radar.

What once was unheard of is making big rounds on the social media sphere lately because seriously, is there anything cuter than watching a cat eat out of what appears to be a tube of Go-Gurt? I think not.

Okay, so technically it’s not yogurt. It’s gravy for cats. Most cats polled for the writing of this article (mainly my two long-haired rag dolls named Milly and Molly) will agree that the best part of wet cat food is indeed the sauce or gravy.

Hartz knows this and decided to make a product all on its own! These tubes are filled with meat-based ingredients and other stabilizers and are intended to be a supplemental food source in addition to wet or dry food. Amazon gives this as a description.

  • A rich, thick tuna flavor purée in a lickable tube that you can hand feed your cat for a fun and delicious treat.
  • Feed cats by hand, into a bowl, or as a food topper .
  • Delectable squeeze up is intended for intermittent and supplemental feeding only; this product may be fed up to three times daily along with a complete and balanced cat food diet.
(Image credit: Amazon)

Even though the idea of tuna and chicken purée in a squeeze-tube doesn’t sound high on my own snack list, the reviews online across different sales platforms is shockingly high. Users say their cats licked it right up; it officially gets a two-paws-up salute from the feline community.

If you’d like to purchase a few for the feline in your life (because you know your cat needs stocking stuffers too!), you can check out the link below.

Buy Now: Hartz Squeeze Up Cat Treat, 32 count for $16